Let s get ready to porn;)

Liebe Readers all the way from one of the nicest & hardcores cities of Europe s core in terms of eroticism and sensuality starts to pour again porn vibes!

We, at deepseastories, really like&lick to dive in all the hidden fantasies of the lovely human bodies we are in keeping for such a short period of time. Let us make the best of it and make that&this love regardless of boundaries – just touching & diving in on all sexes.

Sînzienele: an ancient tradition of true female spirit


Somewhere in the Eastern part of Europe in the geographically triangle made by the Carpathian Mountains – the lower Danube river – the Black Sea lies a series of traditions of the feminine spirit with climax on this day/night of 24th of June.

As every good story to tell – and deepseastories crew always dive deep searching pleasures of body-mind-spirit to surface to you this series of customs  relates to the supernatural feminine beings called Iele or Zâne or Sînziene (in the language that lies on those lands for thousand of years, nowadays Romanian).

In a nutshell what they do in this day is celebrating with their earthly sisters dressed in ethnic clothes daytime and completely naked night time dancing, learning from each other mysteries and secrets from the Creation. At times, one pure male (here the angles are very wide) is kidnapped by them and pleased, and fought, and taught, and bought as slave, and loved as king, to be only then released back into the world with a better view of the male-female needed balance.

Maybe this year is one of you…for they are there.

The 10.000 words series

The ancient wisdom (to the modern us reached the Chinese form of this saying) said that an image can suffice 10.000 words. The Shewolf was taught to teach herself in seeing through the lens the erotic awakening of the incredible human body in its infinite ways: posing or in lustful action are 2 of her desired ways….sometimes she gets out her studio and here are some Imaginarium samples.