Neagu says: If communication is really The Issue now that’s how a dialogue should look like…well, feel like

..after her km-long email, daddy came to comfort her burned by the night’s heat & fears — Love her bedtime dress…miss her..there’s an ocean between us..



Surround: Lykye Li – I follow rivers (I know soooo classic, but what are we aboard, if not living legends :))

That’s also the opening music line of Neagu Noaptes’s night show, Midnight Collars, at

Published by swordsman

Deep sea storyteller. Overseas officer, in all my doings. Passionate about swords & sheaths, steel and flesh ones. Pornographer by nature in pursuit for human bodies and spirits love synergies.

4 thoughts on “Neagu says: If communication is really The Issue now that’s how a dialogue should look like…well, feel like

  1. It’s about his skin… so soft and delicate; it’s about his lips… you feel them on your belly; it’s about his hands embracing greedily your buttocks and his chest… you use to fall asleep on it after making love to him. The voice you miss like crazy and the smell that still persist around your nose, that’s all you’re able to think about. His gentle touch on your shoulder, the kiss behind your neck and the way he wakes you up in the morning are unique. You miss him. His face is printed in your eyes and you can see him everywhere; can see, but cannot touch. You miss the room enveloped by your love and the bed; the immense bed that seems to have no borders or limits. You miss his body and the way it loves you; the huge desire and the lust you used to see in his eyes. The way he dances, sings and all the little jinks he does in front of you makes you want to have him more; the mornings, afternoons and nights full of love and passion… and the sleep together, when you steal the bed sheet leaving him outside, in cold. You miss the taste of his tears, his worries, the grief and the heartbeat sound. You miss him all. He’s all you need and want and wish. You do love him.

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    1. Mmmm… arina GH! Soo nice meeting you! Please, do come on board — you’re so welcome for a better statement for the she wolf&sea wolf could not write myself.
      The image – message you’ve chosen to comment upon to say..a soo chosen one..already..
      Please, accept a Captain’s tour…until Mr. Neagu Noaptes, my featuring friend will join the ship..tonight.
      I definitely shall follow you like wise.


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