Neagu shows: Women on top series_part 1/5

Editor’s choice: Rolling from the her royal highness seated position gets you skilfully here where his touch is reduced to the ultimate one, hands free -))

So, because she is the full MC only one bit of advice for her: to put the palms as much as she can on his thighs and back for better grip. She controls all the rhythm and penetration angles – his mastership is in kissing her on her neck is pushing upwards in synchronically. Ooh, and again the dirty talk whispers [or shouts, for that matter-))] — nonetheless, one of the best positions for her to fantasise -)) about whatever/whoever she pleases -)) gentlemen, do not forget the name of this series-)).

Her jumps and the pressure touch point are the best that may be achieve visually  — the rest is pure orgasmic sensing.

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