Neagu sees Captain’s well read;) – Baudelaire’s “Flowers of Evil”

In Neagu Noaptes’s humble opinion Baudelaire’s masterpiece was build by an outstanding erotic equation ahead of its times:

1=Jeanne Duval was a sensual, passionate, devious, fickle, uneducated, exciting, sexy, promiscuous, unpredictable mulatress + 2=Apollonie Sabatier was a woman of the world, a sumptuous and liberated beauty who, born illegitimate, came as a young woman to the Paris demi-monde, where she became the mistress of, probably among others, a well-known sculptor, then of a wealthy Belgian, then of an even wealthier Englishman. Baudelaire developed for her a Platonic affection, writing in her honor, intense but ethereal verse that took no account of her real, rather earthy, nature +3=Marie Daubrun, an actress, with green eyes,She could arouse jealousy, to judge from a poem “To a Madonna” which she inspired in Baudelaire. It is not hard to imagine a love triangle in which she played one friend against the other, finally choosing Banville over Baudelaire. She had green eyes, too. No correspondence and relatively little personal information exists on her relationship to Baudelaire. On the other hand, he wrote for her some of his most beautiful verse. Perhaps because she had green eyes.

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