Okay I Have Found A Real Man!

Alana, my dear, my preciooooous, much obliged – you have the honour place in the lineup, by all means sweetheart-) – Neagu N. and his she wolf: http://deepseashewolf.blogspot.ro, we adore ya!

Published by swordsman

Deep sea storyteller. Overseas officer, in all my doings. Passionate about swords & sheaths, steel and flesh ones. Pornographer by nature in pursuit for human bodies and spirits love synergies.

One thought on “Okay I Have Found A Real Man!

  1. Ooo, Captain-))) due to your deepseastories my humble body and cock gets the attention of a woman hot, from her cortex up to her clit and toes-)Alana Moore – Internationally renowned sexologist and blogger.
    I want to give more to Mrs. Moore-) together with my she wolf, eyes, Captain knows me!

    The wonderful feedback of Alana is here:
    “Neagu N. heeded the call I put out in the July 4th “I wanna see the fireworks” post and sent in a selfie of his big hard dick for us to enjoy.

    Thanks, Neagu! Way to go… You da man, Baby!

    Okay now I’m going first, the rest of you line up behind me…

    Oh, and now that Neagu has blazed the trail as “Point Man”, I’m expecting the rest of the platoon at any moment. This website is seen in virtually every country around the world, from Fiji to Iceland and countries you’ve never even heard of. So if you want your dick to become world famous come see me: I can take you there. Then every variety of woman the world over will be imagining YOU reaming them ’til they scream while they frig their various colored clits when the lights go out…

    You’ll be an international legend…

    At least from the waist down.

    So it’s not too late to get in on the action. I’m actually thinking this could be a running feature, depending on the response: “Dick of the Day”, whatever…”

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