Neagu’s time-watch: 6 months of deepseastories – What are the results of SeaWolves Erotic Alchemies? part one

What is really the deepseastories?

6 months after launching this blog, after countless discussions± erotism orgasmic displayed onto our bodies and the wonderful bodies of our viewers, after diving in our minds and souls we may provide some answers.

In a nutshell (aren’t we at sea?) Neagu discussing with the Captain: there’s no more solitude that the one’s of the waves and the man facing them. Only a woman may fill in the gap between two waves. Only that woman becomes wave for him.

The entire series soundtrack is the one and only SeaWolves representative music of all times: Future World Music – Dream Chasers – How to train your dragon part.

Followed, mandatory, in listening, by World of Dreams – A hero will rise from the same music producer. Enjoy all you deep sea people out there in the high seas!

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