The Art of War and Love principles – Way to Erotic Alchemy: #intention reading of the opponent

Neagu Noaptes the anonymous wonderer in pursuit of the right equation and match for the Erotic Alchemies between men and women is back on track.

From the top of the mountains to the tip of the sea mountains and nonetheless the slopes and curves of them- my beloved women Venus mountains here is my mid-life age divings and findings.

Understanding that the principles that govern our love and war making makes us in body, spirit and mind the AlphaCouple brings us closer to true-true Erotic Signatures for us.

Here is also a tribute to the one and only Bruce Lee, the warrior  that had no match and the lover of Femine Ethos in ways that his wife and lovers spoke so highly.

Surround of the series: Gipsy Kings – Exitos Musicales


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