The return of the Science in Eros – with the rear;) series

Science fact: The latest study from the Oxford University, a pinnacle of research, the top and…the bottom of the seas of knowledge for the whole mankind proved, beyond any shroud of any doubt that: The women wearing;) a large, largely shaped bottom attracts more sound state of health for these women. HM Researchers strongly confirm that an increased level of fat on the rear part means a low cholesterol  level and thus decreased possibilities of diabetes or heart issues (you rock, ladies, you knew that all the time!)

And it’s more to that – Women with generous rear side apparently poses Omega 3 acids in excess that….yeaah, help in development of cerebral activities – thus, smarter, brighter not only Erotically Awaken. And even the babies brought by these women are more intelligent  then those brought up by tinny ass one’s.

And I say – the Captain fully approves it’s a call for celebration – diving within our scientifically proved intelligent generous ass women it’s according to the laws…of Universal Attraction, for both women and men.

Therefore, by Captain’s orders, I, myself and the anonymous me – Neagu of Noaptes present my regards to our beloved rear thrust&thirst.


Published by swordsman

Deep sea storyteller. Overseas officer, in all my doings. Passionate about swords & sheaths, steel and flesh ones. Pornographer by nature in pursuit for human bodies and spirits love synergies.

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