pornographer by nature | memento corpore

Wanted to introduce the top in of our friends’ m&m couple – a stunning Brazilian art performer, when a snap memory just popped up in my mind. Somewhere south of the great oil terminal of Vitoria, in Tubarao, Bahia region, lies a little and quite remote port for small and medium boats called Itajai.

Alongside the mooring boat, there was this wild and strangely beautiful brunette giving a helping hand. Amazed by her, as were many of the crews around who started to gorilla-present themselves, I went to have the so-longed caipirinha, that only that 2-teeth-left old rasta guy knew how to aggregate. Not long after I arrived, she entered the same bar – in essence, a large sand courtyard with two absolutely paramount tall blonde guys, norsmen type (found out later that they were Norwegians from the lovely cutter next to us). I remember thinking that the skin tones of the 3 would be a sight for sore eyes. I was pretty horny after many days out at sea. But it was not my cup of tea, especially because the guys were eager to score at once and like in the Friends series – Joey – they do not share food!

I cuddled myself in an uncomfortable yet available on site hammock and prepared for an afternoon nap. Wasn’t the case. At least not then, because this woman that one second was sited with her blondes, the next one was asking me if i want to dance! Non hesitating a sec. and under the ferocious eyes of the likes of the Ragnar-like men, I started to move my body on the sounds that are always in every Brazilian place. It was a short dance actually, because the next moment she asked me – or at least so I thought – if I am going to be there in half an hour and if she can come with me afterwards.

Well, the rest is body memory – memento corpore. She was a latin teacher with an extra afternoon job. One Brazilian Belle du Jour! In not more than 40 minutes she was back, alone, wearing all the fuck she could get out of those two jocks. I could smell their scents on her and going down on her in a 69, I could also see and taste them, ’cause the boys were there altogether translucent still on her skin.

That skin and those curves. And those holes – and yes, full thrust especially was that one.

Published by swordsman

Deep sea storyteller. Overseas officer, in all my doings. Passionate about swords & sheaths, steel and flesh ones. Pornographer by nature in pursuit for human bodies and spirits love synergies.

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