pornographer by nature | true nature of self#1

What really defines masculinity? Where can be drawn a line between the Yin and Yang universal principles that adds-on to each self male and female identity? Aren’t we really wired in a way that exceeds our material understanding and only the energetic and spiritual bodies can grasp it?

Well, I guess this line lies only under the skin of the beholder. And the rest is just stretching and posing to various goals of being more and more flexible and adaptive to this life’s challenges. Body, mind, spirit.

And if all it’s fiction from one point on it’s really worth trying every cm of skin out of it.

In togetherness.

Published by swordsman

Deep sea storyteller. Overseas officer, in all my doings. Passionate about swords & sheaths, steel and flesh ones. Pornographer by nature in pursuit for human bodies and spirits love synergies.

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