Pornographer by nature | sides of Her

Despite the surrounding the pinnacle eroticism of a woman lies in that! gaze.

Regardless of how she decides to fuck him or them, or get fucked by them or him, the hair colour change, some pounds gained and other signs of time passing the She is just another one of them. Bold, sensual, insecure, dominant, submissive, cocks integrative or worshiping (for a brief moment) one only. Erotic romantic pornographer. As myself.


wet dream # 6 | me, myself, the woman

Probably nothing suites the human spirit best then exploring elements in full nudity. Water, air, wind, rain, cold or hot. A paradox ain’t it so? In order to fulfil some extend of spiritual fulness one has to strip naked.

I swam a bit in the first light, in this old river of Europe – oldest?! Dunno.. and if so never felt this younger.

the F on board, bored


pornographer by nature | true nature of self #2

Don’t you feel at times that you’d need to suspend her or him just like touching a remote control on freeze?! And just absorb the true beauty of stillness.

But that would be only one half of the story. Wonder what does she feels like that? Wonder what would I feel being an idea hanging from a ceiling of complex erotic longings…


pornographer by nature | true nature of self#1

What really defines masculinity? Where can be drawn a line between the Yin and Yang universal principles that adds-on to each self male and female identity? Aren’t we really wired in a way that exceeds our material understanding and only the energetic and spiritual bodies can grasp it?

Well, I guess this line lies only under the skin of the beholder. And the rest is just stretching and posing to various goals of being more and more flexible and adaptive to this life’s challenges. Body, mind, spirit.

And if all it’s fiction from one point on it’s really worth trying every cm of skin out of it.

In togetherness.


pornographer by nature | close-up

There was a time when the earthlings underwent terrible stages of the close ups terror with total strangers or even with known folks. The states, organisations and the people took pride in issuing all possible warnings against body coming closer to any/body. It was a must and only out of this social distancing would come out the salvation. Any medical procedure or state policy came second after this stay-out-of-me mantra.

Then the world woke up realising it was just an Inception and continued to carry out the usual, forgetting all as a baby falling in sweet sleep after quenching his hunger fear.

The times flies either good or bad, heaven or hell, eroticism or abstinence. And the nightmare of keeping the true nature of humans – socialising, reuniting, coming together vanishes like it never shadowed upon the world.



Far away from the humans ephemeral kingdoms she opens for his eyes only. She has no name and all the names of feminine mysteries and powers from the Ishtar temples sexuality priestesses to now-a-days post hippy era every woman.

Call her Hulda, Scandinavian forest lovely, sexy yet fiercely spirit, or Naiade the water nymphs or better yet Carpathian sacred ring naked warrior shewolves, iele. But never whisper her name unless you’re ready to adorn or command (some of them are subdued only by a piece of pure steel, dagger or sword).

The encounter must have something out of the splendid reveal of the fabulously erotic dutch actress, Cariese van Houten.


pornographer by nature | you’re cold as ice

At a certain point in time in every man’s life, there comes this moment when starring at his much loved one, he thinks or merely mutters this title words to her – you’re cold as ice. The time freezes and all the ice blocks of the sea of love are colliding with the poor guy’s one-nanosecond-ago-titanic-male ego, now taking cold water through all his inlets. It’s like the end of the world as he knew it and in a quantum profound way, it actually is. He’ll never love again like that. He has to adapt to the new bleak reality as after someone’s death. He will suffer and search for rescue that most likely will come from patch-work fucks probably he himself hurting some really nice people in the process.

And the good news are more to come. Because these are truly good news. For him, for the mankind, for her. That iceberg? Such astonishing wonder of nature, with the seen and especially the unseen part, meant to restore the natural order of life (his life, her life). Those frozen waters of her eyes, arms, thighs, cunt? A singularity in a man’s lifetime’s flow which is quintessential for his mindfulness.

And what is more to come out from these inevitable facts of our lives?!

From the depths of the sea, a new story reaches up to you, a story crystal-clear wet and ready to be taken. Back.


pornographer by nature | tendresse

Whilst the F around shows off some shower porn – a minutes-after reenactment 😉 M here, Yours truly, is in the mood for some French language lessons. We owe so much to the French mindset so we might as well tender-tendre French kiss her or his body celebrating social closeness in isolation times.

And by all means this hour’s thought goes to all tender-needing bodies regardless of gender: this one’s for you, liebe M of M&M’s couple, our under-the same-roof-for-some-time new found friends.

Sound hint: Deep Sounds | House, Deep House, Vocal House, Chillout | Soundeo Mixtape


pornographer by nature | memento corpore

Wanted to introduce the top in of our friends’ m&m couple – a stunning Brazilian art performer, when a snap memory just popped up in my mind. Somewhere south of the great oil terminal of Vitoria, in Tubarao, Bahia region, lies a little and quite remote port for small and medium boats called Itajai.

Alongside the mooring boat, there was this wild and strangely beautiful brunette giving a helping hand. Amazed by her, as were many of the crews around who started to gorilla-present themselves, I went to have the so-longed caipirinha, that only that 2-teeth-left old rasta guy knew how to aggregate. Not long after I arrived, she entered the same bar – in essence, a large sand courtyard with two absolutely paramount tall blonde guys, norsmen type (found out later that they were Norwegians from the lovely cutter next to us). I remember thinking that the skin tones of the 3 would be a sight for sore eyes. I was pretty horny after many days out at sea. But it was not my cup of tea, especially because the guys were eager to score at once and like in the Friends series – Joey – they do not share food!

I cuddled myself in an uncomfortable yet available on site hammock and prepared for an afternoon nap. Wasn’t the case. At least not then, because this woman that one second was sited with her blondes, the next one was asking me if i want to dance! Non hesitating a sec. and under the ferocious eyes of the likes of the Ragnar-like men, I started to move my body on the sounds that are always in every Brazilian place. It was a short dance actually, because the next moment she asked me – or at least so I thought – if I am going to be there in half an hour and if she can come with me afterwards.

Well, the rest is body memory – memento corpore. She was a latin teacher with an extra afternoon job. One Brazilian Belle du Jour! In not more than 40 minutes she was back, alone, wearing all the fuck she could get out of those two jocks. I could smell their scents on her and going down on her in a 69, I could also see and taste them, ’cause the boys were there altogether translucent still on her skin.

That skin and those curves. And those holes – and yes, full thrust especially was that one.


pornographer by nature | social closeness#1

wow! long sleep for me & long longing for my woman! I just saw now her last night postings – she is now full asleep. Well, it gets darn good the new direction deepseastories blog is flowing absolutely wild and with no constraints, as a river should do! Without planning the crew around, namely our stay-at-home household formed by a beautiful gay couple m&m and us, F+M(e), will post here every time we are up and about.

Our daily interests, exploits and also social anxieties in these times rounded up in sugestiv turn-on porn-words & porn-pics & porn-motions without planning whatsoever.

Above & beyond some mornin’ wakeup look-alike from my sleeping horny.

M from M&M dedicated to our dear isolation hosts F&M (okay, more to Him;)


wet dream#2

..dunno what is going on with my body flooded for constant sexual desire right now but it seems can’t get it enough. Still night, still horny, all the men asleep, mine..well, Him more then the others, monuments men in terms of manhood….I adore the resemblance of this pic with what all aboard adore to share.

(again) the F out of M&M + M& F


wet dream#1

it’s already long in the night, I am masturbating for the third time in only 1 hour and can have right now 2 out the 3 cocks of the men I live with..and yet I am fantasising of the warm and wet embrace of a woman’s body texture against me…so cold and wet out there, can actually see the March’s marching on the water’s surface..

The F out of M&M + M& F


Porn in time of coronavirus

Dear Guys,

The Deepseastories crew is back to posting! The times are hard, confinement is necessary and human interactions are limited to our household persons*. Whilst being focused in preserving ours and the others health by self-isolation in house (Please everyone! this is really important now, at least keep our old ones from the younger) we are blessed! with the technology help of the home office.

However we are limited to the sqm of our boat house therefore eat, love, pray, work, read and other nice books titles converted to reality are done within under one roof. So as many, oh, so many other fellow earthlings. For them and for our self-pleasure also we turn (ON) to good old decent-randy-multi-orgasmic porn.

And showing off some action bits&pieces to You, from what we do or we want to do, would be the right thing in these times, wouldn’t it?:-)

*Wouldn’t these be the times to rejoice the fact that we are living in a polyamorous relationship under one roof?! well, we thought so.

Social distancing, alright. But after all the most powerful sexual tool lies in the brain, okay? So, let’s play with some mental visuals!


Let s get ready to porn;)

Liebe Readers all the way from one of the nicest & hardcores cities of Europe s core in terms of eroticism and sensuality starts to pour again porn vibes!

We, at deepseastories, really like&lick to dive in all the hidden fantasies of the lovely human bodies we are in keeping for such a short period of time. Let us make the best of it and make that&this love regardless of boundaries – just touching & diving in on all sexes.