pornographer by nature | true nature of self#1

What really defines masculinity? Where can be drawn a line between the Yin and Yang universal principles that adds-on to each self male and female identity? Aren’t we really wired in a way that exceeds our material understanding and only the energetic and spiritual bodies can grasp it? Well, I guess this line lies onlyContinue reading “pornographer by nature | true nature of self#1”

pornographer by nature | close-up

There was a time when the earthlings underwent terrible stages of the close ups terror with total strangers or even with known folks. The states, organisations and the people took pride in issuing all possible warnings against body coming closer to any/body. It was a must and only out of this social distancing would comeContinue reading “pornographer by nature | close-up”

pornographer by nature | you’re cold as ice

At a certain point in time in every man’s life, there comes this moment when starring at his much loved one, he thinks or merely mutters this title words to her – you’re cold as ice. The time freezes and all the ice blocks of the sea of love are colliding with the poor guy’sContinue reading “pornographer by nature | you’re cold as ice”

pornographer by nature | tendresse

Whilst the F around shows off some shower porn – a minutes-after reenactment 😉 M here, Yours truly, is in the mood for some French language lessons. We owe so much to the French mindset so we might as well tender-tendre French kiss her or his body celebrating social closeness in isolation times. And byContinue reading “pornographer by nature | tendresse”

pornographer by nature | memento corpore

Wanted to introduce the top in of our friends’ m&m couple – a stunning Brazilian art performer, when a snap memory just popped up in my mind. Somewhere south of the great oil terminal of Vitoria, in Tubarao, Bahia region, lies a little and quite remote port for small and medium boats called Itajai. AlongsideContinue reading “pornographer by nature | memento corpore”