Pornographer by nature | sides of Her

Despite the surrounding the pinnacle eroticism of a woman lies in that! gaze. Regardless of how she decides to fuck him or them, or get fucked by them or him, the hair colour change, some pounds gained and other signs of time passing the She is just another one of them. Bold, sensual, insecure, dominant,Continue reading “Pornographer by nature | sides of Her”

wet dream # 6 | me, myself, the woman

Probably nothing suites the human spirit best then exploring elements in full nudity. Water, air, wind, rain, cold or hot. A paradox ain’t it so? In order to fulfil some extend of spiritual fulness one has to strip naked. I swam a bit in the first light, in this old river of Europe – oldest?!Continue reading “wet dream # 6 | me, myself, the woman”