pornographer by nature | social closeness#1

wow! long sleep for me & long longing for my woman! I just saw now her last night postings – she is now full asleep. Well, it gets darn good the new direction deepseastories blog is flowing absolutely wild and with no constraints, as a river should do! Without planning the crew around, namely ourContinue reading “pornographer by nature | social closeness#1”

Porn in time of coronavirus

Dear Guys, The Deepseastories crew is back to posting! The times are hard, confinement is necessary and human interactions are limited to our household persons*. Whilst being focused in preserving ours and the others health by self-isolation in house (Please everyone! this is really important now, at least keep our old ones from the younger)Continue reading “Porn in time of coronavirus”

Sînzienele: an ancient tradition of true female spirit

Somewhere in the Eastern part of Europe in the geographically triangle made by the Carpathian Mountains – the lower Danube river – the Black Sea lies a series of traditions of the feminine spirit with climax on this day/night of 24th of June. As every good story to tell – and deepseastories crew always diveContinue reading “Sînzienele: an ancient tradition of true female spirit”