No. 3 principle of deepseastories synthesised randomly as they are felt by the writer here Neagu Noaptes is a tribute to the black: dark hair & little black dress – petite robe noire as the elegant French put it. And of course the erotism that this particular dress has it, as a non colour andContinue reading “#3 EROSIGNATURE OF DEEPSEASTORIES: BACK TO BLACK”

Don’t be rude, stay nude;)

There are places around the so called “old Europe” where the old ways  before civilised sophistication are the new ones. In France, the splendid little town of Cap D’Ange, in Greece, in various islands, or in Croatia, at Koversada are more than beaches-resorts where people go naked. Above its a get-together meet up of ourContinue reading “Don’t be rude, stay nude;)”