…and some shades in action – Neagu’s homework:

http://guide-to-pleasure.tumblr.com/post/101040330336 http://mysterywriteher.tumblr.com/post/110576448992/happy-birthday-ive-got-a-present-for-you-its http://guide-to-pleasure.tumblr.com/post/100455543796 Just to let you know: you will be checked upon the homework and awarded for epic results — sssoo, earn your glory -)) Surround: special for the hands-on practical part of the series is the music of Arcangelo Corelli – La Foglia and Rammestein – Du hast (obey this particular order-)

Cablograma Wi-Fi_mesaj de la comanda marinei

M-a atins, ne-a atins, bordajul -)) un minunat comentariu la o imagine..hmm…o Imagine (aici) din bordul lui Neagu. O binecuvântare e clipa dialogului erotic, nevăzut, ci simțit, în ficțiunea sa cea mai reală. Iar femeia conștientă de îndragostirea sa devine cel mai complet vas erotic. Sursa: savurosul http://marinaghiletchi.blogspot.roși Surround: Enigma – The Child in Us

Neagu says: If communication is really The Issue now that’s how a dialogue should look like…well, feel like

..after her km-long email, daddy came to comfort her burned by the night’s heat & fears — Love her bedtime dress…miss her..there’s an ocean between us.. ? ? Surround: Lykye Li – I follow rivers (I know soooo classic, but what are we aboard, if not living legends :)) That’s also the opening music line of Neagu Noaptes’s night…