Sînzienele: an ancient tradition of true female spirit

Somewhere in the Eastern part of Europe in the geographically triangle made by the Carpathian Mountains – the lower Danube river – the Black Sea lies a series of traditions of the feminine spirit with climax on this day/night of 24th of June. As every good story to tell – and deepseastories crew always diveContinue reading “Sînzienele: an ancient tradition of true female spirit”

Don’t be rude, stay nude;)

There are places around the so called “old Europe” where the old ways  before civilised sophistication are the new ones. In France, the splendid little town of Cap D’Ange, in Greece, in various islands, or in Croatia, at Koversada are more than beaches-resorts where people go naked. Above its a get-together meet up of ourContinue reading “Don’t be rude, stay nude;)”

Deep sea tribute

Rest in peace, dear David…going in the relieving deep seas where there is no sorrow, no more despair or grief just harmony..as you’ve navigated towards inspiring all marginals and drifters… Remembering also the beauty of the erotic alpha couple of him with Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid the Somali Iimaann woman…in a Victor Skrebneski splendid shoot out. Inspired as inContinue reading “Deep sea tribute”

Vamă trece, vamă vine

Da, o să sune ca o poveste. O fi și vreun dichis de storytelling. Poate, chiar, un bîzdâc  de povestaș. Dar cum să nu fie, când e vorba despre Vama Veche a României litorale, despre un reper, dobrogean, al istoriei turismului postdecembrist?! Să fie, totusi, istorie? Am fost acolo, ca să parafrazez niște clasici-) Mă totContinue reading “Vamă trece, vamă vine”

Instantanee din Egee

Photo credits to my friend, the last century photographer, Sylvain…and to her, a pre SheWolf. Instantanee din Egee   Ziua mangaia coamele nesfarsite ale marii, iar culoarea translucida a Egeei se oglindea deja pe trupurile lor. Cu luciri de autentici delfini, pielea lor facea apa marii sa scanteieze, ca nestematele in cufere de pirati, intrand siContinue reading “Instantanee din Egee”