On board a steam boat

Oh fuck it, we all love the good old porn so we might as well have a good one today!;) And most and foremost tonight!

Topics on board: Drifting the high seas in pursuit of lively alchemies. Debating upon the too hard two core equation: reality + fiction=erotism. Making love and war. Bedtime stories intended.

I believe that the fundamental difference between reality and fiction is that the latter one is forced to make some sense.

My current location: lat/long/speed is somewhere on the South Seas;) literary and also erotically

2 thoughts on “On board a steam boat

  1. Can’t even really put my finger on what it is,
    but something about the pic attached to this
    piece just compels me to love it. Superb!


  2. Dear Alana, much obliged for your kind and sound first diving in my deepseastories – I feel it represents..the crew around very well-)
    I urge you to put not only your finger but your everything in viewing&feeling my postings, a bit soft core on Aboard, where is the Captain, always busy with his hands, and a lot hardcore on a character called Neagu Noaptes, writer and drifter;) Adorable and also inspirational your blog, I took some time last night – my local time is daylight now-)

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