SeaWolf & SheWolf – Easter moment in the modern ancient Dacia

A philosopher once said that the only borderline between reality and fiction is that latter one has to make sense. On this page, Neagu says that love, politics and history are essentially fictions yet not the spirituality, true dedication and Erotism which are beyond reality&fiction.

Happy Easter to the Orthodox ones, true-true Love to all the believers, regardless of their confession!


No. 3 principle of deepseastories synthesised randomly as they are felt by the writer here Neagu Noaptes is a tribute to the black: dark hair & little black dress – petite robe noire as the elegant French put it. And of course the erotism that this particular dress has it, as a non colour and as a splendid veil to marvellous wanted bodies.

Amy, top notch voice, splendid looks, nonetheless daddy s girl tattooed is singing in another dimensions now…RIP dear woman..